Should I stay in a Hostel?

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Have you ever asked yourself “ Should I stay in a Hostel ?” .

Well check out some of our reasons why if you haven’t before, you should give hostels a try.


Community Atmosphere

Whether you are on your own or in a group hostels are a great way to meet others.

While hotels and other accommodation are very private when you are in hostels you get to meet and talk with fellow travellers in the common areas. People in hostels are interested to hear of your travels and it is great for sharing ideas on where to go and what to see.


Cook for yourself

A great advantage to hostels is being able to cook for yourself. Eating out can be expensive depending on you destination and saving a few shillings by cooking up a storm in the kitchen is always great. Many hostels will provide free spices and even some giving out free pasta.If you think you have cooked too much their will always be a hungry backpacker interested in sharing.


Cheap bed

Hostels were built on the idea of dorms and sharing but you can now get a great deal even when booking a private room. It might not have all the in bedroom facilities as a hotel but who wants to watch TV when you can be out exploring what the area has to offer.


Hostels are fun

From the staff to the other guests hostels are less rigid and corporate than a hotel. You get to meet real people and have some fun while you are on holidays. They are always eager to give you tips and see the real country you are in instead of what a guidebook might have told you.


Hostels come in all shapes and forms

There are many different types of hostels available from the party hostel in the city centre to the more relaxed family friendly hostel in the countryside. You can get a hostel on a beach or on the edge of a mountain. Each hostel is unique to the area and incorporates the local culture and feel into the hostel atmosphere.


Hostel Personality

Each hostel has a unique personality from the staff,decor and atmosphere.  From hostels obsessed with animals or a hostel situated in an old airplane your stay is sure to be unique.


If you haven’t stayed in a hostel before why don’t you take the plunge and try us out at Dunloe View Hostel.