Walking Trails in Killarney

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If you ever need some place to walk or hike you will be spoilt for choice when coming to Killarney.

From easy and moderate walking trails in Killarney National Park to more strenuous climbs up Mangerton and Carrauntoohil. Here we have some ideas of what to do while staying at Dunloe View Hostel. We have included here two walks, two hikes and two climbs to give you a taste what is on offer but there are many more including multi day walks in the area.

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Muckross House and Gardens

Starting from the beautiful Muckross House there are a number of routes that can be taken. Firstly you can take a short walk to Torc Waterfall with further routes signposted from here. You can also take a loop walk around Muckross Lake, one of the Three Lakes of Killarney. This is also a great area for having lunch either a picnic on the garden lawns or visit the Muckross Restaurant while having a look out at their well kept gardens.


Tomies Wood

This is an often overlooked walk in the Killarney area but it is still very beautiful. Tomies Wood lies on the southern shore of Loch Lein ( Lower Lake ) . You walk through an oak woodland with O Sullivan’s Cascade on your way. This walk as it is often overlooked is not as busy as the Muckross area so it is a great place to get into the peaceful nature of Killarney National Park. It is also close to the hostel only 4 kms away.

(Tomies Wood Looped Walk : 7km)



Torc Mountain

At the back of the majestic Torc Waterfall is Torc Mountain which gives you amazing view of Killarney Valley and the national park. There is a rocky road for the first part of the hike and then the ascent up Torc Mountain is well laid out with a railway sleeper boardwalk up the mountain. Be sure to bring a good jacket as on the best of days the wind can be good and strong when you reach the top.

(Torc Mountain 5 kms )

Struicín Mountain

Within the famous and stunning Gap of Dunloe you have Struicin Mountain. While not signposted it is easily accessed starting your walk from Kate Kearneys Cottage Located near the northern entrance to the Gap of Dunloe, this spur off the highest mountains of the McGillycuddy Reeks is one of the greatest vantage points of the Killarney Valley. You can continue along the ridge and return to the road at the head of the Gap which looks into the Black Valley. Don’t forget to stop in at Kate Kearneys Cottage for a drink or some Irish Music in the evening time.

(Struicin Mountain:5 kms )




Mangerton at 839 m is the 25th tallest mountain in Ireland

Taking the track to Mangerton you will come across the Devil’s Punchbowl. The start of the walk presents you with a gradual climb as the track meanders either side of a largely dry riverbed. As you are climbing on your right you will be able to see the beautiful Lakes of Killarney. The track winds on upwards until you eventually reach the punchbowl. Turning right you climb above the western ridge , bearing south west for the summit of Mangerton . There is a steep drop to the left so caution is always advised.

The far northern slope of Mangerton was the site of a battle in 1262 between the MacCarthaigh and FitzGeralds. The battle-site is known as Tooreencormickmeaning “little field of Cormac”after Cormac MacCárthaigh, who was killed during the clash. The battle is considered a MacCarthy success however because the Normans were kept out of the region.


At 1041 m Carrauntoohill is the highest mountain in Ireland. Located in the McGillycuddy Reeks it is a very popular climb for both locals and tourists coming to the area.

The mountain is most often climbed from the north-east, along the Hag’s Glen and up the steep Devil’s Ladder to the col between Carrauntoohil and Cnoc na Peiste, and then north-west to the summit. The route has become more dangerous in recent years due to loose stones and crowding. No special equipment is needed to climb the mountain, but caution is advised.

 A good level of fitness is needed . We recommend joining a local guide for this climb .


If you are interested in climbing Carrauntoohil we are organising a local guide to take our guests up on the 26th of April. Please contact us at info@dunloeviewhostel.ie or see our special offers page for more information.

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